How to choose the best coffee cup based on your favorite type of coffee

The history of the Espresso cup

The first coffee cup was born between the end of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, from an idea by Luigi Tazzini. The Lombard-born painter was influenced by the extravagant style of Art Nouveau. The artist designed 5 models for different uses. The classic coffee cup, a small monochromatic porcelain bowl with a single handle acquired notoriety and spread throughout Italy. Hence, the espresso cup of today.

Espresso cup

The espresso cup must have a cone shape, that is ideal for maintaining the compactness of the espresso cream. Specifically, it must be rounded internally, without edges and corners, in order to prevent the cream from breaking and facilitates the movement of the spoon during the act of mixing.
In general, the espresso cup must be able to contain about 20-25 ml of espresso, with an ideal capacity of about 50-70 ml. Our ama espresso cup is 55 ml of volume, made of porcelain in a conical shape. Find it here

Macchiato cup

In Italian macchiato means ‘stained’, so the espresso is stained with a bit of milk. In Albania, macchiato is the most drank coffee, because it gives you the illusion that the caffeine intake is not as in an espresso. The milk that stains the espresso can be hot or cold (basically dividing people in foam lovers and foam haters)
The macchiato cup is rounder than that of an espresso, mostly for making room for the extra milk.


Cappuccino cup

 It's cappuccino that inspires thousands of Baristas everyday in making latte art. Latte art, it's not only a way to make customers smile, but more a way of showcasing the baristas skills, fro the perfect espresso to the right steamed milk foam (microfoam). The perfect latter art, will tell you that you came accross a great barista. Enjoy your cappucino. However, we want you to be able to enjoy a great cappucino at home, for this reason we have the perfect cup, coffee and machines. A great cup for your cappuccino should be rounded with a volume of 180ml. Start a new hobby, be your own barista at home!