About ama®️ caffè

ama® - mysteriously unusual


There’s something distinctive about Albanian Culture and Coffee. Everything important in someone’s life happens in front of coffee; solving problems, creating and maintaining love relationships, even the signing of very important contracts or documents. Coffee follows Albanians from the day they’re born till the day their physical world ends.

Albania: Ranking first in the world for the high number of coffee bars.

According to the latest data the number of bar-cafes and restaurants reached 18,795 (14,200 bars and 3,965 bar-restaurants),
In relation to the population of 2.87 million inhabitants, in Albania there are 654 coffee bars per 100 thousand inhabitants, or 1 coffee bar per 152 inhabitants.
Fun fact: none of those is Starbucks or Gloria Jeans or any other famous chains.


Brand Vision

After many years of distributing italian coffee brands we thought that Albania deserves its own native brand and coffee blends.
We want ama® to be part of your life, be there with you while you capture and share your lives’ most meaningful experiences with your loved ones – to celebrate them together.
ama® is not just a coffee to us, we think of her as an ambassador of Albania that wherever she goes she brings with her Albanian’s customs, places and aromas.


Meaning of ama® ?

Albanian is a resourceful language and is the bases of the word ama®.   

ama® means source of life and sounds like “ambël” which means sweet.