ama® Diamond 100% BIO ORGANIC - Tin Can Format 2kg
ama® Diamond 100% BIO ORGANIC - Tin Can Format 2kg
ama® Diamond 100% BIO ORGANIC - Tin Can Format 2kg

ama® Diamond 100% BIO ORGANIC - Tin Can Format 2kg

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A unique coffee, excellent in taste made of 100% organic and fairtrade coffee beans, free from additives and pesticides that shows ama® sensitivity to the health of the final consumer.

You will find in this precious blend a rich taste, which is at the same time soft, but also contains a hint of bitterness. The fine acidity and a good balance of sweetness and coffee flavor are unmistakable.

The rich aroma is accompanied by numerous different flavour components such as chocolate, caramel, and almond, supported by floral accents. This makes the ama® taste particularly intense and long-lasting.
Thanks to the addition of nitrogen in these large 2 kg tins, the freshness and quality is maintained for a long time.

Coffee origin: Honduras, Peru, India and Ethiopia

The production ama® Diamond final product passes through strict control of the supply chain from raw to final products. Achieving this way all requirements for being certified:
IFS - Organic - Fairtrade - RainForest Alliance

The production of ama® Diamond adopts such elements that enhance the quality regardless of extra costs:

* Roasting time of 18 minutes
The procedure is slower and therefore more expensive in terms of energy consumed, is carried out by switching off the second flame when 2/3 of the roasting is reached. The slower process guarantees the preservation of all the aromas and a more uniform roasting.

* Fume recycling disabled
By disabling the fume recycling, the deposition of unpleasant odors and unpleasant flavours on the beans is avoided. In fact, the roasting fumes contain waste and harmful substances, such as cellulose -not digestible-. This measure increases the quality of the finished product but, at the same time, increases the production costs, not allowing the recirculation of the heat.

* Air cooling
ama® Diamond roasted beans are cooled only by fresh air, whereas the majority of the roasters do prefer to use water cooling. The advantage of water cooling system is evident: to increase the weight of the beans -by water absorption – of about 5%, with additional profit. By air cooling, ama® Diamond roasted beans will always get completely dry and will not be exposed to mold, for a product always fresh and aromatic.