How to prepare a tasty Turkish coffee

Every day coffee unites families, friendships, co-workers, etc.  The history of Turkish coffee dates back to the 15th century but even today creates memories because a cup of Turkish  coffee has in its DNA to unite people every day.

In the Albanian culture, a young bride would be praised by her husband and her in-laws thanks to the qualities in the preparation of a cup of coffee with the perfect foam.


101. Introduction in Making Turkish Coffee


Before preparing a perfect cup of Turkish coffee you should have the right equipment: coffee, cesve, cup, wooden spoon, sugar and water.


Coffee Grinding

Fresh ground coffee is the key to the success of a delicious cup, we pride ourselves at ama caffè in providing in a atmosphere sealed packaging the freshest coffee (try it here).


If opened the remaining coffee should be stored in a hermetically sealed glass container.


The serving

Serving is an important aspect of enjoying Turkish coffee. It is served in smaller cups than that of espresso coffee.


Cesve ibrik should be made of copper or stainless steel. It is recommended to be small so you can prepare one or a maximum of two cups of coffee.


Experts say that sugar should be added at the beginning of coffee preparation. This is why the first question asked when making coffee for others is: How sweet they want the coffee?

Albanians generally drink 'medium' coffee which means with an average amount of sugar. This amount translates to one or two cubes of sugar or one and a half teaspoons of sugar.


The cup where the coffee will be served is used as a unit of measurement for water. If you are going to prepare two cups of coffee, then you have to pour two cups of water into the jars.


A cup of water requires a wooden spoon with freshly ground powder. Experts recommend the wooden spoon because the metallic one affects the taste of the coffee. Coffee should not be mixed when poured into the cesve.

It must be left to be dissolved in water as the temperature arises.

Then add sugar depending on the sweetness you want.

Coffee should be brewed at a low temperature and this requires time and patience.

Coffee should stay on top but should not be mixed.

When the coffee starts to form, you can give it a light mixture with a wooden spoon.

You can immediately pour the first amounts of brewed coffee into the cup and then return the pot to the fire.

With the second and third wave of boiling the coffee will have a fantastic taste.

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